Pass2Me Mobile

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Pass2Me Text Messages

Getting Started

Step 1: Link your mobile phone to Pass2Me

Go to Notification Settings on your Settings page
Enter your mobile phone number, and click on Save
Within a few seconds, you will receive a text from Pass2Me's number [(408) 915-6088] asking you to verify by texting 1
Once you text 1 you will receive a verification text
Your phone is now linked and you can send/receive texts

Step 2: Sending Texts to the Post

Send all Text messages to Pass2Me's number [(408) 915-6088]

To Text to Any Page

Type in Username: your message or Shortname: your message

Example: If the username or shortname of a page is johnny23 you would type in: johnny23: you scored a great goal today!
* How/where to find out the Username or Shortname: Whenever you receive a post via SMS Text, that person/page’s username or shortname appears in that Text message. The Username can also be found underneath the thumbnail photo on any page.

To Text a Reply to a comment:

Type in r1234: your message (Where r1234 is the code at the end of a Friend's text that you want to reply to)

Example: If your reply code is r5678 you would type in: r5678: See you at practice today


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